The Manifesto Of the Messengers

Video and audio content is the most consumed forms of mass communication - and this dominance is grows every day.

It's where hundreds of millions of people get their information / their understanding of the way the world works / their version of the truth.

And us 'content creators' are the ones who make it!

The stories we tell take up residence in people's minds. They have the power to shape individuals’ opinions, priorities, and perception of reality. 

Media storytellers have the power to amplify the voices of those who do good for the world; the power to deliver messages that make human kind feel hopeful and strong. To deliver beauty, joy and inspiration. To deliver  social, economic and environmental healing.

But we also have the power to amplify voices that create fear and exploit vulnerability, for clicks. In fact, this is what much of popular media storytelling is based on.  The power to seperate citizens from one another, then selling them a solution to a problem we help create.
The power to reward negativity, promote superficiality, and call it entertainment. 
At Reunion, we reject this. 

We know that with great power......
Well, you know the rest.

We chose only stories that uplift and connect.

We strive to treat our time creating work as time making the world a little bit better; more regenerative; more inspiring. It may not be as lucrative but it feels right. And that's a feeling you can't buy. We invite our fellow screen and sound storytellers to realise their role in society and do the same.

The choices we make - the stories we all chose to tell - matter.

At this crucial time and turning point, we believe that the world already has more than enough vapid "entertainment" taking up bandwidth. There's endless loads of it, take your pick. We want instead to create inspiration, beauty and world-changing action. The way we do this is to amplify the voices that a leading us in the right direction.

Every story we tell becomes the truth for someone who hears it.
Their beliefs create their actions and set the trajectory of the future of the world.

We invite our fellow storytellers to realise that every day, they are shaping the future. To realise this power, and to joyfully step into it. 

That is what we are doing. And it's fun!


Nick Maher, Executive Producer
Reunion Media